Couplers facilitate the connection of electrical cables to mobile mining equipment. The cost of replacing stolen couplers is often further exacerbated by subsequent downtime and production losses. In an endeavor to come up with a cost-effective solution for customers and end-users, Proof Engineering embarked on a three-year research and development programme and pioneered the ProAlloy zinc coupler.

Plug Coupler

This revolutionary unit presents a three-in-one solution for industry – reduced theft risk, lighter weight and lower cost. Instead of the traditional materials, the ProAlloy is manufactured to specification from a zinc, copper and aluminum mix which holds no resale value thus earning the name, ‘non-theft material’. The aluminum contaminates the mix, significantly decreasing the value from approximately R35/kg down to R6/kg. Furthermore, it cannot be sold for scrap. The patented non-theft ProAlloy material not only also makes the coupler 33% lighter in weight compared to their brass equivalents but also presents a more affordable alternative.