• Flameproof & Explosion proof Plugs & Sockets for the Mining Industry
  • Azolite - Flameproof & Explosion Proof Luminaires
  • Flameproof Plugs & Sockets for the Industrial Sector
Flameproof Plugs & Sockets for the Mining Industry1 Azolite - Flameproof Luminaire2 Flameproof Plugs & Sockets for the Industrial Sector3

Proof Engineering
Manufacturer of Flameproof & Explosion proof products

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Our Markets

Proof Holdings serve diverse markets as result of the significantly diverse products designed and manufactured and can best be illustrated by examining the subsidiaries independently.

Proof Engineering flameproof sockets, couplers, adaptors
Electrical plugs, flameproof sockets and flameproof couplers required by the Mining and Tunneling industries, as well as heavy industrial applications. Specifications include flameproof, water/dust proof, explosion proof etc. suitable for arduous conditions as found in surface and under ground mining.

Azolite flameproof lighting, explosion proof luminaire
Lights, lighting systems as well as a range of other products suitable for mining and tunneling i.e. Flameproof and water/ dustproof etc. In addition, various electrical and lighting products are designed and manufactured for a variety of industrial and consumer markets.

Flameproof / Explosion Proof Products

Proof Engineering specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative flameproof, Explosion proof and non-flameproof plugs, sockets, adaptors and cable couplers for the mining and tunneling industries. The range include low- and high-voltage (1.1 KV through 22KV, 120A through 800A) couplers in a variation of configurations i.e. plugs, sockets, adaptors, as well as a PLM aluminium range that meets international specifications for hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

In addition, Proof Engineering can offer customers:
  • Comprehensive design capabilities (inclusive of unique or special designs to suit specific applications)
  • Fully equipped in-house foundry and machining capacity
  • State of the art machining CNC machining
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