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Proof Engineering was established in 1978 initially servicing the underground connector market in South Africa with medium votage connectors.

By 1988 Proof had established itself as the market leader in HT cable connectors.

By 1995 Proof had expanded its range to also include the low voltage plugs and sockets for underground applications.

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In 1998 Proof introduced its phase segregated technology into the majority of its product lines, placing it as the market leader in terms of design and safety within the industry.

In 2002 Proof expanded its range of connectors to include the opencast type PLM plugs and sockets.

Today Proof has a product range from 1,1kV 120A through to 35kV 400A,covering both underground and opencast applications.

Proof is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and carries both the SABS and Ex(ATEX) mark of approval on various products within its range of connectors.

In 2012 Hudaco Industries bought Proof to incorporate it into the Powermite stable as a result of the synergies that existed between Powermite's mining cable and the Proof connectors.


Proof operates out of a 4000sqm facility, which includes its own foundry.

The foundry includes 4X180kg gas fired furnace which melts our Brass, Zinc and Aluminium materials to manufacture all our castings.

We currently make use of the sand cast method to produce our castings, which includes making sand moulds for each product and then pouring the meatal into the mould in order to produce the item.

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We also make use of gravity die casting for certain components and have also recently started to produce certain items using high pressure die casting.

The foundry currently employs around 25 staff members.

We have our own pressure testing faciltiy in order to test our castings to verify their integrity.

We currently have capacity to melt around 75 Ton of material on a monthly basis.

We employ very strict quality controls within the operation to ensure that we produce a superior quality casting.

These include visual checking of moulds and cores, procedures for moulding, sand mixing, temperature control of the furnaces to mention a few


We have our own machine shop on site which machines all our castings as well as the connecting pins and insulators used within the products. Currently employ around 80 people in this section.

We make use of state of the art CNC machinery, including lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centres.

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We also make use of CAD and MasterCam.

We also have several plastic injection moulding machines which produce various parts for our product range.

We have a fully certified test facility, in order to ensure that we produce a top quality product.

Facilties include, high voltage tester, temperature rise tester, earth scraper tester as well as testers to determine both the insertion and excursion force of your electrical contacts


Within South Africa we have established ourselves as the market leaders in low,medium and high voltage connectors.

We supply products into various countries throught Africa as well as internationally.

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These include Botswana,Zambia, Mozambique, DRC, Zimbabwe, Nambia, United Kingdom, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Turkey to name a few.

We believe in offering our customers a complete solution and peace of mind when they purchase our products

We offer the ability to supply your cable requirements fitted with our connectors.

In addition we offer training to ensure that our connectors are correctly fitted hereby ensuring our products reliability and safe operation for you our valued customer.

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